Vaiolon Pass

Rifugio Paolina – Monumento Christomannos – Rifugio Roda di Vael – Passo Vaiolon – Rifugio Paolina

This less strenuous circular trail starts at the Paolina hut (Rifugio Paolina). Follow the steep path no. 539 in easterly direction to the Christomannos Monument. Head on along the gently descending path no. 549 to the Roda di Vael hut (Rifugio Roda di Vael). From here continue in northerly direction on path no. 541 till you reach the turn off for the Vaiolon pass (Passo Vaiolon). Follow the steep path no. 551 to the pass which is the highest point of the route. Continue on the other side of the pass on a quite steep and slippery trail (boulders) reaching a path called Hirzlsteig (no. 549). From here head on along to the gently descending path no. 552 which takes you back to the Paolina hut.

Difficulty: moderately difficult
Characteristics: moderately strenuous
Walking time: 3 to 5 hours
Distance: 6.5km (4 miles)

Up/Down: +/- 900m (2950ft)
Highest point: Passo Vaiolon 2560m (8340ft)